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Formal Notice of Protest

We Need Your Help to Stop Our Landlord from Putting Superstition Meadery Out of Business with His Pending Class 6 Liquor License

I know this sounds crazy, but it is happening....

Superstition Meadery is a winery and tasting room located at 120 West Gurley Street, just north of Prescott’s famous Courthouse Square. We are a Federal, State and City licensed winery producing and selling wine, mead and hard cider. We have won many international awards and are proud to be doing our part to promote our City and our State as a leader in the US Mead Industry. We were recently named a top 100 “Brewer” in the world, out of over 19,000 international businesses. When someone travels to Prescott to experience our mead and hard cider, they also are filling their rental car with gas, staying in hotel rooms and dining and shopping at local businesses. We are an increasingly important part of the economic and cultural development of Prescott, and are calling on you to help us continue our mission.

We lease a space in the cellar of a large building that has businesses on the street level and second floor. To access our business you must pass through the first floor occupancy to reach either a staircase or elevator. The owner of the building, Cliff Petrovsky, has applied to have a Class 6 (Bar) liquor license approved to cover the entire first and second floors of the building, which all share the same entrances and exits. If approved by the City of Prescott, and subsequently the State of Arizona, this Class 6 license will put Superstition Meadery out of business. The owners will be forced into bankruptcy. Nine employees will lose their jobs and a growing source of tax revenue for the City and State will cease to exist.

After meeting with the Arizona Department of Liquor Investigator (Police Officer) for our County today, we were informed that this license has a good chance to pass, and if it does we will not be permitted to sell bottles for off-site consumption, distribute to our accounts or sell Arizona wine. The reason is due to the AZ State Law which prohibits anyone from carrying alcohol onto another licensed premises:

A.R.S. §4-244:40 Unlawful acts:

For a retailer to knowingly allow a customer to bring spirituous liquor onto the licensed premises.

We have 2 chances to stop this from happening. When someone applies to the State for a liquor license, their local city or county must first approve the application before the State approves and issues the license. So we will first focus our efforts on the pending Prescott City Council Meeting on March 10th, which will meet to decide to approve the license, or not. The next step will be to work with the AZ State Liquor Department if the City of Prescott does approve the license.

We are asking for two things:

1. Write a letter to the Mayor and City Council Members of Prescott, and the editor of our local newspaper.

2. Sign our petition here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N6VMFH6

We hope that with you taking action, we can convince the City leaders of Prescott to stop this from continuing. We are up against a wealthy and connected individual but we believe that with a strong display of public support, we can demonstrate that a small business and its employees and their families are worth more than the influence of a single rich commercial real estate developer.

Listed below are links to the City of Prescott website which will allow you to easily contact our mayor and council members. We have also listed the email for the editor of our local paper.

When writing to our city leaders we ask that you mention the following points:

I am writing to ask you to vote NO at the March 10th City Council Meeting on the pending Class 6 Liquor License for Cliff Petrovsky for 120 West Gurley Street in Prescott, Arizona covering the premises of The Old Capitol Market and the Plaza View Ballroom. If you vote yes on this liquor license application it will prohibit Superstition Meadery, a Federal, State and City licensed winery, from operating. Arizona State Law prohibits outside alcoholic beverages being carried onto another licensed premises. A.R.S. §4-244:40 Unlawful acts: For a retailer to knowingly allow a customer to bring spirituous liquor onto the licensed premises. Voting yes will prohibit Superstition Meadery from selling bottles of wine, distributing to accounts, and selling Arizona wine, as all of these products would have to pass through the proposed new licensed premises. If you vote yes you will be voting to put Prescott’s first winery out of business, force its owners into bankruptcy, and end the jobs of 9 Prescott employees while stopping a growing source of tax revenue for the City and State.

You may cut and paste the following links to access the City of Prescott contact forms for our city leaders.

Mayor Marlin Kuykendall


Councilman Greg Lazzell


Councilman Steve Blair


Councilman Jim Lamerson


Councilman Charlie Arnold


Councilman Chris Kuknyo


Councilwoman Jean Wilcox


Robin Layton, Editor Prescott Daily Courier


Superstition Meadery and its dedicated employees thank you for your support and time!