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The first 100 people who sign up for our Mead Club are getting one special reserve bottle in place of a standard bottle in their first shipment!
But, for three of these lucky people, an ULTRA rare and VERY valuable batch one reserve bottle will be chosen for their case. It could be your case! Hurry to join, as we are sneaking up on the 100 mark quickly. The batch one bottles include:
✘ Batch 1 Blueberry White (2014): Only 100 bottles of this were sold, but Jeff (owner) bottled and kept 12 separate for his own personal stash, and this is one of them!
✘ Batch 2 Portuguese Blindfold (2015): Rested for one year in a Bruery Black Tuesday Madeira Barrel. This bottle predates our (now more logical) dating system, and says Batch 2 on the label. However, this is the first batch we made of this decadent mead (at the time, what we designated Batch One went into kegs)!
✘ Batch 1 Le Morte d’Arthur (2017): Semi-sweet mead made with AZ honey, blackberry juice, blueberry juice, Madagascar vanilla beans, organic cacao, and clear Belgian candi sugar, aged in a Black Tuesday Reserve barrel. This mead was never available for public sale!
What Is It?
The Superstition Mead Club is a subscription service that delivers our newest releases and highest rated meads and ciders directly to your door on a monthly or quarterly schedule. Club members enjoy direct savings on some of our most sought-after varieties, access to low quantity bottles, discounts on additional bottle purchases, special events, and other great Membership perks.
Three Membership Options:
Mead Club: 6 Bottles Quarterly
Six bottles delivered every three months. If you spread that quantity out, it means you can drink or gift two bottles a month, assuming you don’t enjoy them all at once! Price: $200 every three months
Mazer Club: 12 Bottles Quarterly
Twelve bottles delivered to you every three months. A great option for those who like to collect, enjoy, and share Superstition products frequently. Price: $400 every three months
Master Club: 6 Bottles Every Month
This subscription is for the true Superstition fan. Expect six amazing bottles delivered to your door every month, plus extra perks! Price: $200 a month