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American Producers are Making the Best Mead ‘the World Has Ever Known’

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While the origins of mead trace back at least 20,000 years to prehistoric Ethiopia, where feral bees would nest in the crown of broken trees, and to the dawn of the Neolithic Age in northern China nearly 10,000 years ago, the drink remains a relative mystery to the average U.S. drinker. Many consumers vaguely associate the beverage with medieval Europe, if they’re familiar with it at all.

That could change, however. According to the American Mead Makers Association (AMMA), the number of commercial meaderies in the U.S has increased 650% since 2003. And the trade group claims that more than 200 meaderies plan to open in the next two years…

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Superstition Downtown: Uniquely Pairing Mead and Food

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Downtown Phoenix’s New Restaurant and Mead Tasting Room is Open

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Superstition Meadery Is About to Elevate Downtown Phoenix Drinking

On May 6th, in Washington, D.C. the United States Small Business Administration named Jeff and Jen Herbert the 2019 National Small Business Persons of the Year.

As recipients of the nation’s highest honor bestowed on small business leaders, Superstition Meadery owners Jeff and Jennifer Herbert are proud of their greatest business achievement to date. Jen says, “This award is proof that the American Dream is alive and well, but it is so much more than Jeff and Jen, or the company we have built, this is a huge day for the Mead Industry!”

Acting SBA Administrator Chris Pilkerton said, “Jennifer and Jeff truly represent the best of our nation’s small businesses.”

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