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(BATCH 21)
13%ย  |ย  750 ML.

Aphrodisia is a style of mead known as a pyment. Variants of Aphrodisia have won bronze, silver and gold medals at the Mazer Cup, The Festival of Barrel Aged Beers (FOBAB), and the RateBeer Best Competition. Batch 21 is made with California cabernet grapes, Arizona wildflower honey and is blended from new American oak and White Series barrels.


Iron rich amethyst, ruby port.


Smoked cinnamon, vanilla, oak.


Cherry cordial, dates, plum, mahogany.


A lonely gaucho.


Chocolate covered acai berries, Bolognese, beef bourguigon.

Is one bottle really enough?

Every bottle holds a unique secret to bring your taste-buds closer to heaven. Experience more than just one way to get there.