Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time for the return of one of your favorite seasonal releases!
Desert Monsoon is a wondrously refreshing and delicious prickly pear mead made with wildflower honey. Lightly sweet with tropical notes from the fruit of the desert, you’ll want to stock up so you have some to enjoy all year long!
With Desert Monsoon we wanted to unite the finest characteristics of our local honey with prickly pear fruit in order to create a refined and balanced expression of Southwestern terroir. The cactus fruit contribution is subtle and unique as the combination through fermentation has yielded tropical flavors that dance across your palate. Just as the summer rain brings life to the desert, may this bottle of Desert Monsoon vitalize your night.
It returns to our Tasting Room on Saturday, July 11th, and our Webstore on Tuesday, July 14th (10 am for Guild Members, 11 am for the public)!