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Mead Day One-Off Keg Announcement!

Aug 2, 2017 | Festivals, Live Music and Other Events

This Saturday is Mead Day 2017 which will be celebrated around the world by meaderies, homebrewers and mead lovers; and in addition to the 20% off for costumed patrons on almost everything, and the release of 4 bottles on the Superstition Webstore, and 5 bottles in the Tasting Room, we have 2 outstanding surprises…

Half Scoop is a one-off keg, with only 5 gallons made in this batch. It is a delicious semi-sweet 15% ABV strawberry vanilla Belgian Dark Strong Mead.

Angry Wizard is a bone dry 1.5 year old 17% ABV blueberry blackberry mead, only 5 gallons made.

So if you are interested in trying these single-keg rare meads, we will see you Saturday!

Bottle Release Details:

In honor of National Mead Day, and to complement the event being held in the Superstition Meadery Tasting Room, we are proud to release 4 different products on August 5th. Each of these meads will be available in the Tasting Room at 11 am on Mead Day, and on the Superstition Webstore at 11 am AZ/PAC time on Mead Day. The only purchase limit is one case on Out of Time Batch 3, and so that we may provide the best possible customer service on Mead Day, no holds please. We look forward to seeing many of you next Saturday, and remember that any patrons in a mead related costume will receive 20% off their bill* even on these new releases in Prescott.

Strawberry Sunrise Batch 2. This semi-sweet mead is an ultimate expression of strawberries, honey and vanilla. Presented in a 750 ml flint glass flip top bottle, with no limits, this second ever bottled batch of Strawberry Sunrise is freshly labeled and waiting for you.

Earlier bottled batches of the following three meads were designed as 3 of this years 5 meads in the Locavore Set, and we are psyched to have much larger subsequent batches to offer on August 5th. Descriptions follow and each of these meads are packaged in 375 ml Flute Altus antique green bottles with branded hand punched Portuguese corks.

Out of Time Batch 3 is a 15% ABV semi-sweet cyser (apple mead) made with Arizona wildflower honey, and a blend of apple varieties grown and juiced by our friend Dwight English of the English Family Fruit Farm near Wilcox, Arizona. Out of Time is also aged on medium toast American oak staves for 5 months. There is a one case limit on B3 OOT.

Flora Batch 2 is a 13.5% ABV semi-sweet traditional mead made with Arizona wildflower honey. The label was designed by local graphic artist Matthias Petsche to evoke a traditional naturalist illustration of wildflowers native to Arizona. There is no limit on Flora Batch 2.

Fauna Batch 2 is an off-dry 13.5% ABV traditional mead made with Arizona mesquite honey. This mead is perfect for when you crave a clean and simple mead that drinks drier than most, yet still imparts a beautiful sense of desert terroir. There is no limit on Fauna Batch 2.

Tasting Room Only:

Batch 2 of Vanilla Marion! Made with 3 types of vanilla beans, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry juice, Batch 1 was one of the most well received meads we have ever made. No holds/no limits.

(*20% does not apply to other discounts or the Cellar List)