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The Administrator of the SBA Visits Superstition Downtown!

Nov 2, 2020 | Blog

In the beginning of March, Superstition had 30 employees and when the service industry was shut down, we regretfully had to lay off 20 hard working people. Jen had our Paycheck Protection Program loan application submitted before the rules were finalized, and as soon as it was funded we brought everyone back. Now, just this week, we created 50 new jobs opening Superstition Downtown.
To celebrate this achievement, Jovita Carranza, the Administrator of the SBA (a Presidential Cabinet Member) met with Jen, Jeff and the staff of Superstition Downtown who addressed our new employees in English and Spanish!
It was a real honor and a pleasure to receive such a high profile guest in our new place.
Without the SBA, the Yavapai College Small Business Development Center and the Arizona Commerce authority, Superstition wouldn’t be where it is today.
Stay tuned in the next few days for BIG news on our opening!