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13.5%  |  375 ML.

Vanilla Marion is an amazing beverage made by fermenting our classic Marion mead recipe with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. It is presented in a beautiful 375 ml flute altus bottle finished with a hand punched Portuguese cork branded with the Superstition logo and wordmark. It is a top mead in the world on Untappd.


Crimson tide.


Singed raspberry fruit skin, black cherry, leather.


Honey and subtle vanilla in the attack yields to jammy berries and a crisp tannic finish.


Ruby slippers on the Yellow Brick Road.


Lobster ravioli in a vodka marinara, pâté, bread pudding, blueberry goat cheese.

Is one bottle really enough?

Every bottle holds a unique secret to bring your taste-buds closer to heaven. Experience more than just one way to get there.