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New: Cheminée

Oct 3, 2020 | Blog

14% ABV / 500ml / $35
Our newest Contingency Series release is Cheminée, a Pyment made with California Merlot grapes and AZ wildflower honey, aged in Black Berry White barrels for 11 months.
This delightfully complex mead starts off mildly dry with noticeable merlot character which gracefully bows out to allow wildflower honey sweetness and notes of Blackberry, Vanilla and Tart Cherries to shine through. Cheminée translates to “fireplace” in French, and just like the calming glow of a hearth on a cool fall evening, you will find the soul of this mead equally warm and welcoming.
The Contingency Series is a monthly small-batch limited release of curated creativity directly from the imaginations of our Superstition Mazers.
Available in our Prescott Tasting Room this Saturday, October 3rd, and on our Webstore starting Tuesday, October 6th (10am for Guild Members, 11am for the general public).